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With over 30 years of experience in Opto 22 service and support, let us help your project. We are a source for Opto 22 software, hardware, training, and tools. Tellus can help with your IoT journey, and make your system great. We understand how to move data, interface to the Cloud, and work practically and efficiently. We can start small and grow your presence at whatever pace you feel comfortable. There is no need for expensive hardware or software when Tellus can do the job, right out of the box.

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i4.0 Accelerator

Industry 4.0 in a Box

Tellus has partnered with AWS, Opto 22, Inductive Automation, Cirrus Link, and MeghaAI to provide a new cutting edge industry 4.0 integration package. The package has shown fantastic results after being piloted by the State of Indiana and is expanding to manufacturers in Michigan and Wisconsin.

industry 4.0 flow diagram

The package consists of a bundle of hardware and software that connects existing factory data (energy consumption, equipment uptime, facility management) to the cloud. A customer-managed cloud site is then used to provide AI-driven insights and data-science software visualizations.

Interested in more details? Give us a call or view State of Indiana's website for Frequently Asked Questions at Tellus is experienced in setup and training on the i4.0 box, which can be managed and used without coding experience. Let us help you get the most out of your digital transformation.


We provide individual or group training on a scheduled or short notice basis. We are flexible, and training can be done at your facility, our facility or a separate location. The following topics are ready for customized training classes, but we can train on many others as well.


EPIC/RIO System - GroovView - Ignition Edge - NodeRed

MQTT Sparkplug - SQL and Database - Python - Networking


PAC Control - PAC Display - SNAP PAC System - Modbus


Tellus builds software solutions for your Opto 22 based project using PAC Project, CodeSys, NodeRed or groovView. We can expand your capabilities by integrating software such as SQL Server, MQTT, Python, Ignition, QT, or other packages to meet the needs of your project. If you require an unfamiliar software package, we pride ourselves in our ability to proficiently learn, and draw on the expertise of our many partners and resources.

We are also a certified Ignition partner. Tellus helps with architecture, design, screens, data logging, analytics, and MORE. On-site or remote services are available.

Proof of Concept

You won't have to wait. We will get right on it! Tellus can save you time and money by helping with proof of concept. We can quickly stage the essential aspects of a system. POC work can be done at your facility or ours, using your hardware or ours, or a mix of both.

On Site Service

Tellus can provide an experience engineer to help with your Opto 22 hardware and software solutions. Work can be done on site or remote, either scheduled in advance or under emergency conditions.

Project Rescue

We have a knack for quickly picking up the pieces of a project gone bad and bringing it back to life. Whether it is an Opto 22 project, or something similar, Tellus can help rescue your original project. We can work with your current team, or bring our own automation experts to help provide new solutions. The team at Tellus are completionists who have a deep love for finishing projects.


Tellus is a certified Ignition partner, and can provide Ignition software for your project: providing software and its support, intuitive and effective HMI, database and system design and implementation. Tellus is the first choice for Opto 22 / Ignition based systems.


Tellus was started in 2020 by a father and son team. We provide software, services, and consultation for Opto 22 hardware and software. We are the Midwest's premiere Opto 22 provider. Our team of technicians and consultants come prepared with 30 years of experience with Opto 22 service and support.


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